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Can enthusiasm sound as arrogance ?

Can enthusiasm sound as arrogance ?

It really touched me few weeks ago reading about a very enthusiastic friend of mine that got pitched from one of his closest friend about that his enthusiasm came out as arrogance among his friends, specially on social media.

For me as being 110% dedicated in all my tasks, always wanting to be the best in everything that I do, and talking to everybody as that is the norm, I thought I might maybe fit in this category. I asked my self this question “Is it possible that being to dedicated might come out as arrogance when I speak or write”

As always being eager to learn and analyse, I started to read through my presentations with that in mind and I started to think about my emails and social media statuses with that in mind. I of course started to rethink my Facebook and LinkedIn post`s and even how I speak to friends when they call me.

It struck me a little bit seeing that I very often used the word “You have to do this” and “This is something you must do”

As some of you know, when you put your energy towards something, it starts to pop op everywhere and that happened last week, after presenting on the scene for my coworkers, (How to prepare before Christmas sale) one very nice coworker said to me “Bjarni, you did a great job presenting, but you say┬┤d very often you have to do this. Though you did it in a very positive and motivational way, and the message got through perfectly” and BAMM my analysing antenna turned 360 degrees.

Now after going through my previous style of communications I found out that my enthusiasm can in fact sound very demanding, when sending short emails without hello or goodbye, just because I am all about getting the best results and to get as much done during each working day.

I am thankful for this lesson learned for the enthusiast that in his mind is all about making things happen as effective & quickly as possible

Presenting in person is not the same as sending mails, writing social media statuses or calling someone on the phone. When presenting you have the body language, to add to the words, and you have the opportunity to talk the audience through a story of why things are so important. With other words, you can explain in much more details, even when using the word “You have to do this”

So for me this was in a way an eye opener and for my friend as well, since we share the same enthusiasm and the eager will to get things done. You can easily misunderstand the enthusiasm and think it is an arrogant person talking, thinking he knows everything and is demanding you to do things his way. And specially when sending mails, answering questions online or calling someone to just tell him what he must do.

In reality it is just an very enthusiastic person trying to share his wisdom and vision towards the task, in as short sentence as possible, so he can get the next task started as soon as possible

I will in the future try to reflect on the article above, even though I do not find my communication style a huge problem, and I recommend you who are reading this to go through your communication style and reflect on your way of communicating. I know many enthusiasts and many of them are sharing this way of communication without thinking them selves that it might sound arrogant.

Feel free to comment about me if you know me and my communication style, or share the reflection on your own communication style.

//Bjarni Kr