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Sharing his thoughts & passion

My Long and winding road

During my life within business & Retail I have had many good managers with all kind of frases to make me believe and learn. Frases...

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Mini Remastered

Today I read through an article about David Brown Automotive where they are remastering or rebuilding the old classic Mini. I played...

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Guy Kawasaki “Live” – BeLive.TV

Today I accidentally stumbled on Guy Kawasaki “Live” on facebook using “BeLive.TV” – I have to say it was...

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What is your WHY

After following Jesper Outzen from Denmark through social media, on his journey to help people “Make work Meaningful” I found...

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Make 2017 your Innovation Year

Everywhere I read about innovation I read about flying cars, robots taking over all jobs, revolutionary ways of shopping, traveling to...

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The New Years resolution tradition

According to Wikipedia is “New Year’s resolution, a tradition in which a person makes a promise to do an act of...

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