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Sharing his thoughts & passion

Christmas shopping & Merchandising

In-Store-Merchandising is a well know thing and in many cases boosts the sale if correctly executed, but for a 3 year old it can be...

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Innovation is for all Businesses

The quote about continuous improvement, from Oren Harari, have echoed in my head for many day´s after reading it and it strongly reminds...

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Future of Christmas shopping

Shopping as we know it is something that have followed mankind for ages, and before shopping there was trading of food and both legal and...

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The future of retail

I wonder almost every day how the retail will be in the future. What is it the customer really wants, what is it that I really want when...

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A small town idea

I shoot this great picture from a model of a old town, that a friend of mine wants to build inside an old big building as a town inside of...

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My third business

At the  age of 13 years the interest was becoming more and more into motorcycles and then the idea of preparing and trading bikes...

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