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Sharing his thoughts & passion

Mini Remastered

Today I read through an article about David Brown Automotive where they are remastering or rebuilding the old classic Mini. I played...

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Guy Kawasaki “Live” – BeLive.TV

Today I accidentally stumbled on Guy Kawasaki “Live” on facebook using “BeLive.TV” – I have to say it was...

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Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Just the other day I stumbled on this crowdfunding idea on Indiegogo regarding this amazing comeback and I really hope this is not just an...

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Startup Lab in Norway

I had the opportunity last year to visit the startup lab in Norway, as I bought a service from one of the earlier startups called Bubbly....

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Apple watch or not apple watch ?

According to MacRumors apple watch 2.0 could be just around the corner so is it for me to wait for a new generations or not ? “With...

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Digital book

During my education I wrote an Innovative report about how to share stories on the internet.  Now 2 years later it still hunts me in my...

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