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Sharing his thoughts & passion

Hvam Norway

Loving this time of the year in my neighbourhood. Freezing cold and the Sun is amazing during Sunrise and Sunset ­čÖé //BK

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Love to capture the Norwegian winter

This time of the year when the Sun is low and the winter starts to take over I get always in the mood to take some pictures. Since I am...

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Norwegian winter

The year of 2016 is starting with a real winter, after a slow start and totally red christmas.  The amount of snow, just this weekend, is...

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Winter wonderland

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to enjoy a view like this each and every day. When living in Norway the interaction between the...

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A shot from my sons School in Norway

I really like the outside environment where my son is studying in Norway and almost every morning I drive him to school I need to stop and...

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New Years eve 2015

Shot this photo from my balcony on new years eve and it has no filter.  The surroundings were just mystic.

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