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Different Organisational Structures

Different Organisational Structures

Having worked with all kinds of organisational structures, in many different companies, with different leaders and leadership-styles, the Matrix style became my favourite even without knowing it as a special meethod at that time.

When at young age I found my self not easy to follow the hierarchy structure or the Corporate thinking. Being an enthusiast in every task I was given and always eager to do things effective and with the shortest possible deadline, the hierarchy structure almost became my enemy. It was clear very early in my working life that I was not going to follow that way of working and if I heard the sentence “It has always been structured this way” I almost became ill just hearing it, since in my DNA that is not an option. If there was a possibility for more effective way of working, then I was willing to bypass all rules and find a way to get things done my way.

Just to make that clear I had no problems following rules or following orders but following something that did not make sense was the problem and specially having to wait for orders for days, instead of contacting the one in charge direct to get things done immediately. As said I soon learned to bypass the rules in a good way and my style was to go direct towards the source of information, no matter of all organisational structures.

Later being a leader my self, I found that kind of people sometimes un-polite and to direct, but always thinking about the best way of working, I did accept it since it made progress in most of the tasks

Later in my carrier years when studying BA Innovation & Entrepreneurship I had a course about leadership, board membership and Corporate structure. I was attending the classes with very open mind, since I really wanted to learn everything about those things that had coloured my way of working all those years.

Once attending a class we got a list of books and I remember being given a book to read about Matrix organisational structure, followed up with some lessons regarding the Matrix style. The Teacher took many examples but the one about John F. Kennedy and his “Going to the moon strategy” was the example that made my day. After all those years of struggling with this behaviour “Not following the hierarchy rules” I now got educated about the method and it´s pros & cons.

Changing from “Company Hierarchy Structure” was the only way for John F. Kennedy to be able to reach his goal with so short deadline

When the Teacher told the class about the Moon strategy and that Kennedy had to change to Matrix structure to be able to reach his goal I found my self smiling in the classroom and my 20 years on the job marked finally made sense. I found my self smiling and thinking “I told you so” using the Matrix method we are able to go to the moon in few years instead of decades.

Now understanding the different between those Organisational structures, the hierarchy structure is in many ways great and must be used in many companies. This I now understand even though I find it over-used in many cases. I can understand now that banking and finance decisions in Corporate companies needs to go through the hierarchy structure and through the members of the board, even though it might slow down processes.

As an enthusiasts I will always prefer Matrix structure and even now, working in a Corporate company, I find my self sometimes breaking the rules to be able to speed up the process

Going for more education late in my carrier have given me that little “Extra” needed, to understand and see the bigger picture in many different situations. Different leadership styles and Organisational structures is needed but please all Leaders reading this, not overdue it. Give your employees the change to be able to influence and be open about changing working methods in some cases – It might get you to the moon and back in years instead of decades.

//Bjarni Kr