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Future of Christmas shopping

Future of Christmas shopping

Shopping as we know it is something that have followed mankind for ages, and before shopping there was trading of food and both legal and illegal goods. My great grandfathers were Danish businessmen that travelled to Iceland to sell and trade goods before the year 1900 and they had the opportunity to be the only one allowed to trade as the Danes owned Iceland at that time, so the business was quite easy as the competition was zero. Today this is not legal and we do have governments to take action when one is getting to big or is trying to own a total market, but still there are many way´s to go around the law and many that unfortunately do so.

I as my great grandfathers got in to business very young, like it was in the blood to trade or make business with products. As a very young boy I did run my own pigeons business where I did hunt regular pigeons and then trade many of them for one better breed, to get better results in my business and a higher average sale when I sold them later on. This business went on for some time, but eventually one other boy in the neighborhood became to big of a competition as he had support from his father, did rule the market and lowered the prices, which ruined the margin for my business and I eventually rearranged my company from trading pigeons into renovating bicycles and re-sell them.

The story of my great grandfathers, my own story and the story of many of today´s businesses are totally the same, but only in different scale, and for me being a part of the retail business for many years I now see this have become the norm.

When the internet started back in the day´s I immediately bought my first computer and saw the opportunity to trade online, lower my cost and ship to a much bigger market. At this time I was to early out to get good results, but now many years later I see the opportunity in front of me again and with even bigger changes to become a success. Then again I see the same trend when the big company´s like Amazon and others, want to totally own the internet market, with all kinds of tricks that are related to my experience as a young boy doing small business. The giants want to own the majority of the market and get as big bite of the cake as possible.

When seeing this trend over and over again during my whole retail carrier, I am not sure the trend will make it this time, if so to speak. I have a gut feeling, and some knowledge, that the modern consumer is looking for something totally different, more personal service, more quality in the service and something more special, instead of low price and the same product as everyone else have bought. The future generation, my kids and yours have grown up in such a different time than we did, and they are acting totally different. They are not reading brochures or magazines, they are not searching for anything, they do have ad-blockers on every internet page they use and they only use several pages that they like and not the least, they do appreciate their spare time and it`s not for sale.

I as a father of the upcoming generation is really enjoying to see how today´s young people act and how they behave towards the giants that want to own them. They are not for sale and they do only react if the product gets good review or is recommended by a friend or someone they totally trust. After that they will search for the absolute best price, get information via social media where to buy and buy it online. The only one thing that can change that they only shop online, is “Trust” and that is where Brick and mortar stores will come into the picture. A trust for a great service and personal service they are willing to pay even higher price, as this generation understand the value of spare time with friends & family, a fast handle, good service and a reliable product.

This is going to be a tough journey for the big company`s to learn, and I am not even sure they all will get the results they want. Many small retail players are getting stronger every day, but they only come up to a certain level as the consumer is in total control the whole journey. The young people and today´s kids are doing a fantastic job learning to use the technology for it´s better and to know the value of time with friends & family.

The upcoming generation is really thinking it through and taking control over their own buying behavior. They are in total control and difficult to reach by ordinary marketing processes. My daughter on the picture is thinking totally different than me at her age and it is fantastic to see a 3 year old in such a control. She will choose most of her Christmas presents her self from online, she will not hesitate to ask for a return if the product is not satisfying or does not work properly and she will control her parents not to visit a store again that do not have any entertainment for her age.

The future of Christmas shopping will be on the terms of my three year old 🙂

Bjarni Kristinsson

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