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Guy Kawasaki “Live” – BeLive.TV

Guy Kawasaki “Live” – BeLive.TV

Today I accidentally stumbled on Guy Kawasaki “Live” on facebook using “BeLive.TV” – I have to say it was quite promising and I got as close as possible to meet him.

I have been following him on facebook to see what he is up to, and been reading some of his thoughts & ideas, but today I got the opportunity to actually ask him some questions and he really did respond. I was not prepared at all but shouted out some questions, got some feedback, and it was very real and almost like we were talking together in my living room.

For those of you who want to promote something, this might be the way and for me it just developed one of my projects even further, as I will for sure develop my idea (that is in the prototype making) to have the opportunity to share things live as I got a great feeling and connection hearing this great fellow actually talk right to me.

My idea, which is about storytelling, will then get even more connectivity to the listener and be much more personal. Looking forward adding this feature in to my prototype plan.

I asked him which Country is helping entrepreneurs the most to come forward and he almost without hesitation answered, Canada or Australia – Maybe I need to go there in my summer vacation to explore 😀 He did also recommended a book called If you want to write and as another coincident that book relates very much to my idea “in the making” so I ordered this book immediately from Amazon ans can not wait to start reading it.

It is funny how things are sometimes, I just stumbled on him Live and got a lot of inspiration direct to my own project, but as many of you know when seeking, “the answers are usually just around the corner”

Thanx for the talk Guy and have a great time surfing tomowwor.

Bjarni Kr

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