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Innovation is for all Businesses

Innovation is for all Businesses

The quote about continuous improvement, from Oren Harari, have echoed in my head for many day´s after reading it and it strongly reminds me of a interview I once saw with Steve Jobs where I got the same feeling about today´s big businesses.

Steve Jobs said in this interview that all company´s need to have structure and processes, but the problem for big business at that time was no content in the processes and that became the success for Apple. Apple had a vision, Apple had great content at that time to work with and the only thing they needed to do was to structure the vision and activate the power of the people with structured processes.

I have thought about this for a long time, and as said it reflected on the Oren Harari quote in the picture above just the other day. When big corporate businesses, with great structure and processes, for every single decision, forget to feed the innovation, there becomes a hole or a bubble in the company. They work hard to improve current processes and they get minor improvements every year, but thats where this quote comes into the picture “The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles”

After studying Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and since being this innovative thinker all the time I now get even deeper understanding on Steve Jobs words in this old interview and why he constantly fought for feeding his innovation department within Apple, and as many of you know with great success. He had to fight the corporate board members on every meeting to get the money needed to improve on a different scale, to improve with something totally new like going from candles to electric light. He did manage to do this and that was the success for Apple at that time since all the other corporate businesses were just improving their candles.

I for the first time returned my Iphone back and kept on using my old 6S, as the new model 7 was not good enough. I for the first time thought of buying another type of mobile since the innovation have died in Apple as I feel it. I for the first time had to swallow the news about Windows new Design computer might outshine my Imac and so on.

I now see it clearly that all company`s should feed innovation at some point. Not all company`s need to have their own department but at least give the innovation some space in every day small improvements. I suggest you go through your numbers and you decide to use some small % of the income to improve on a bigger scale and feed the innovation. Make a team of people, give them the opportunity to think outside the box and develop some of the best ideas. Give the imagination something to grow and the seed will become a big plant at some point.

“There is always a possibility for small improvements within existing processes, but there might be a totally new way of working if you just free the imagination and feed your innovative people within the company”

Bjarni Kristinsson

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