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Mini Remastered

Mini Remastered

Today I read through an article about David Brown Automotive where they are remastering or rebuilding the old classic Mini. I played around on the webpage to create my own by choosing colors and wheels and really wish I had the opportunity to just click buy when I was finished.

This old classic is now rebuilt and moved into the modern world with many great improvements but still trying to keep the old look and feel. Of course you will have bluetooth, usb charger and a cup holder just to mention few but the best part is better driving skills & more horsepower.

I really hope that in a while we will start to see those old models driving around on the streets and I hear my self mentioned this same task few years ago, towards the old Mustang 1964 1/2 and who knows if that might be next. A rebuilt Mustang 64´would be extremely great 🙂

Here you can read more details and see some more pictures – Mini Remastered

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