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Operation X

Operation X

This time a year the Entrepreneur usually has his new years resolutions ready and very often starts to put them in action even before Christmas, or as you can say “Jumpstarts the new year” but this year and last year it has been a little different. I have unfortunately not accomplished all my plans 100% according to my schedule the last 2 years, even though having accomplished much this set`s the entrepreneurial mind in a strange position. Having to delay some of my plans the last years irritates me and disturbs the execution of the next years plans and so on … as I use to call it, it creates a Domino effect of delays. There are always good reasons for all delays but it will not be accepted in Operation X, I will work harder to accomplish all my future plans.

For the one who want`s to make things happen and loves to keep his schedules and plans this has been tough, but now I am changing the game. I am taking even more control over my schedules, making them more precise and break them down to months by starting a new years resolutions project called “Operation X” – Including plans for each month, for 2 years, or a project plan with 24 deadlines starting 1st of January 2018.

Operation X is divided in to 3 categories – 1#Family, 2#Business, 3#Innovation

“1# Family — 2# Business — 3# Innovation”

The execution plan will be followed up every month by making a diagram to fill and if one is not fully executed in the end of the month, it will put a pressure on my self to execute it within the following month. So in other words I will start to treat my new years resolutions in a totally new way using totally new methods and taking the game to a more serious level.

The life it self is a joyful ride and in all good stories there is usually a happy ending, but you can make decisions during your life-span that controls your story. After each chapter, there starts a new one, and when writing a book it is up to the author how long each chapter is and what it will contain and even how it will end.

“So from now on I will take more control over my Biography, I will end a chapter when I want to and start a new one when it feels correct”

Starting 1st of Desember by creating excel sheet with 24 deadlines is a fantastic feeling and the trick is for every project to make it realistic. I will now use Desember to create detailed project plan, involve the delays from last year and before 2020 I will have accomplished all the promises to my self.

When creating “Operation X” it felt like taking too much control over the good life and making it all work, but the plan will contain some nice times also and a bucket list for one who love live 🙂