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Start up’s & Corporate culture

Start up’s & Corporate culture

Many of today’s articles in the media are about Corporate Innovation and a merger or a cooperation between small start up’s & big companies. It is great to see how many, and different, opinions are in this field of Innovation and being an creative thinker I can not let go to share my thoughts.

Creative startup companies are full of people who have the desire to change the world and to challenge the status quo, such as my self. The Corporate companies are on the other hand full of people climbing the carrier ladder and thinking hierarchy before action. Those two worlds do not merge easily in my opinion, but if done right they can for sure benefit from each other.

To merge those two different type’s of cultures you have to change the Corporate thinking if to get the creativity and innovation thinking flowing. This means you need to change a company’s culture which is not so easy, since the saying “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is very true, and it might take years to change the culture. So when looking at it this way it seems impossible to get those two worlds to work together, or at least very difficult task to get done, but in every task you just need to find a opening & a solution.

“Company culture eats strategy for breakfast”

The creative people from a startup company will first and foremost try to solve all problems given to them, in the most effective way and with solutions never be heard of within the Corporate company, while at the same time the Corporate people will try to gain something for them self during the prosess to get even higer in the carrier ladder or to shine as a individual. Those different cultures can be difficult to merge as mentioned, but I believe the trick is to find the most creative people within the Corporate company in the first tasks and have them to work with the startup people. The idea is to give the creative people a boost and make it interesting for the rest to get onboard since their attention is to shine and climb the ladder. If you make innovation interesting the whole company will follow.

“To make a long story short you have to make innovation interesting and exciting”

If a corporate company buy’s up a startup and think it is just to merge those two to get the synergy and creativity flowing, they are totally wrong, and in many cases this will just kill the startup very quickly or scare away the people who are the drive and the reason for the startup. So in other words a merger has to be done carefully and with full respect for both cultures.

If the corporate company manage to make this merger happen they have a golden opportunity to become a leader in it’s field of expertise and find new way’s of working, find new way’s to sell products, find new way’s to enter new markets, find new way’s to beat the competition and so on. The innovation is a key factor and have always been. The one who is just fine tuning existent processes and products will one day be beaten by innovative company that will enter the market with something much better and never be heard of which will be hard to copy for those who are not innovative.

Apple’s success, when Steve Job was leading the company, was to always have a innovation department running, making new things, creating new products, finding new markets, making new stores, expanding exciting product’s along with many other things. This was the company’s success coming up with revolutionary products and becoming unbeatable and unique. Apple today have the rumour that they are not bringing anything new or innovative to it’s customers that will in the long run give someone innovative the change to take the place as a market leader.

“Never stop to think different and always aim to become the best in your field of expertise”
So my opinion about the headline “Merge Innovation & Corporate culture” is that this is a fragile process but if done right all roads will lead to success. I am so lucky to work in a company that is taking innovation seriously and constantly doing something extraordinary but they as all Corporate’s can do much better.

I will keep on forcing my innovation thoughts forward here on LinkedIn, within the company I work for and when helping out many of my friends that ask me constantly for help since innovation is my true passion. I will not rest until I work in a Innovation department, only solving problems and coming up with new solutions and constantly challenging the status quo.

Merger can be great but just think how fragile it can be and remember that innovation is not just a company name or a vision, it is the people that built up the company and have no agenda in climbing the ladder but just aiming to find solutions to a problem or create a better world for all of us.