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What is your WHY

What is your WHY

After following Jesper Outzen from Denmark through social media, on his journey to help people “Make work Meaningful” I found out I might need to listening to the audiobook from Simon Sinek “Start with why” as that is something Jesper is always quoting to.

I must say, even though I have not finished the book, that I am blown away listening to Simon´s point of view to many examples he uses in the book. I share 100% his point of view in most of the cases and I can hear my self repeat some visions from my meetings in the past years, where unfortunately I did not always get my view through to the other team members or board of directors.

I have to admit I found Simon uses to often Apple as an example but I get the reason he does it, as it is a great way to explain for the majority of people that we all know Apple. But not least because they are doing very much correct in leading their company and vision.

When listening to Simon talk about the explanation of “Why” company´s are doing what they are doing I totally get the point. Like when he talks about Apple who are almost generating a “CULT” of people that will buy their products no matter what, and I guess we all know someone that have tried to convince us about what Apple stands for. All companies can advertise a product and spec but to get the customer to love the company, come for a visit again and again is another side of the cube. That is where the “Why” comes in to the picture. Companies need to explain for their customers the vision why they are in this business and the get that feeling through marketing is of course to explain why. The company I work for do have a “Why vision” as the reason why we are in business is because we want to share the great world of technology to all of our customers.

The metaphor about why do we fall in love is also something I related to as during the book I tried to pinpoint why I did fell in love with my wife 25 years ago. After going through many ideas of why we fell in love, as at that point we did not have much in common, I saw right away that its all about the limbic brain, the connection, the feelings. I might have explained good enough for her why we should be together and she probably bought my why at that time 🙂

This book might become a game changer for me, in the coming year of 2017, as I will probably always ask my self WHY? before everything I act, but still I will remember what my fellow Jesper said, “The book will not change anything, unless you will act on it” so now my journey for the new years resolutions will starts with why and follow up with acting on it if I am certain that is what I want to do.

I will now finish the book, pic out my learnings from Simon and try to answer my Why´s throughout the year and probably through out the rest of my life, that is how big impact the metaphor hit me.

What is your why ?

Bjarni Kr

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